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julia , expert tumblr addict and procrastinator extraordinaire. i have unhealthy tendencies, such as falling in love with fictional characters and reading too much. this blog is about books and movies and all the wonderful unicorn poop we love.

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#raise your hand if you´re proud of this character development

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this might be my favorite post on tumblr ever


OH my god. I Should have filmed my reaction to this. This post. I can’t. It’s just. Amazing. This is why I love dogs.

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Hogwarts was the first and best home he had known.
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eating pizza inspires me to do great things in life for example eat more pizza

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I think the most painful realisation comes when you find that you cannot speak your mother tongue as well as you do the language of the land where you grew up. My English is evidence of this. When something as simple as a colour, or the name of an animal in your mother tongue leaves you dumb. Yesterday I could not find the world for ‘turtle’ in Somali, only after my mother reminded me, did I recall knowing it.

We betray our mother tongues, for the languages of nations who will never fully accept us. We let the strangeness infest our mouths until we forget how to accommodate our original tongues.

— mother tongue, Farah Gabdon (via thegabdonwrites)

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I think it’s so sweet when people remember lil things about me but I feel like such a creep when I remember things about people

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83-84/100 caps of Hermione Granger

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make me choose
jessicacapshaww asked: harry/ginny or james/lily

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Concept art for The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

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